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This course is a collection of quick tips, tricks and shortcuts that will make you a better photographer, make your photos stand out more, and make other people jealous of your new-found skill with a camera.

Some technical knowledge is helpful, but not essential - most of the “viewpoint” tricks, for example, don’t require any real technical knowledge. You can also do this course with any camera - even a smartphone should you be so inclined, but you’ll get the most benefit from a camera where you can control the settings manually, such an advanced compact like this, or a Digital SLR.

I’ve structured the course in a broadly linear fashion, so it will make most sense if you progress through it from beginning to end, but you could just as easily skip ahead to sections that interest you if you’re already familiar with something like the Rule of Thirds, for example. I’ve made a conscious effort to keep things simple, and avoided the temptation to go into lots of depth and make things confusing. With each of these shortcuts, you can dip your toe in and try them briefly, but most of them are really just the tip of the iceberg, and will yield better results the more you work on them.