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  23. Colour: Contrasts

As well as looking for good light to shoot in, being aware of colour will help to make your photos stand out, and the easiest thing to look for is colour contrasts.

You might have seen one of these way back in the day:

- probably when you were at school - a Colour Wheel. What we’re looking at right now is the colours that sit at opposite side of the wheel, and therefore contrast most strongly with each other. So, yellow and blue, or red and green.

Contrasting colours are a superb way of drawing attention to one part of your image - so a red shirt against green grass:

or a yellow top against a dark blue sky:

or even more subtle greens against browns and reds:

Now of course, sometimes you’ll come across these contrasts naturally, but as we already know, it’s OK to stage or fake things in order to make a more impressive image - so don’t be afraid to move things round that you find, or ask your subject to bring a range of different tops with them! Sometimes you might be lucky enough to find areas that are naturally endowed with colour clashes and contrasts:

and sometimes you might have to work a bit harder to find a bold chunk of colour to work with:

Start looking around you more, and don’t be afraid to be big and bold with your use of colour.