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  12. Reflections

Playing around with reflections can be a great way to add more interest to your shots, although anything that reflects can be very challenging to photograph. Obvious places to find reflections are mirrors, windows, and still water, along with polished metal, but they may crop up in more places than you expect.

You can use a reflection to create layers and depth to an otherwise flat image, such as here where I’ve focused on Cristiona’s reflection in the window:

or even by using reflections themselves to give more impression of 3 dimensions, such as here, where I’ve let the reflections in a glass door act almost as a mask in front of Francesca:

Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find reflections in nature – such as this Scottish Loch in midwinter, although it’s a pretty rare sight:

Generally though, any reflections you find will be man-made – like this bathroom mirror that Marc is using to get dressed in front of:

The biggest problem with anything that reflects, is that it reflects – you may end up seeing more than you actually want to! This could be other people, lights, objects, passing cars – you name it, it might appear in your shot, so be very careful how you frame any shot with a reflection in. Just to prove my point, here’s another frame of Cristiona where I’ve not been careful enough – the shape on the left hand edge of the frame looks familiar!